• Image of 10 Selected LP Covers Mix<br /> By Fortuna Records

Download our latest guest mix for Café Gibraltar, with some of our favorites LP covers and the stories behind them. Recorded live and passionately with 100% vinyl selection.

"The members of Tel Aviv’s Fortuna Records have spent the last several years collecting some of the rarest records from the Middle East. The music runs the gamut from classical Egyptian to Palestinian folk to Greek-Israeli music. Check out a mixtape of their favorite rarities, accompanied by their stunning
(and often strange) album covers."


1. Esther Jungreis - Meet Melanie (Part 1)
2. Unknown Artist - Alhinna
3. Koko - Chily Chily
4. Dancing And Singing Group Of The P.L.O. - Gold Will Be Gold
5. Laila Nazmi - ?
6. Esther Jungreis - Meet Melanie (Part 2)
7. Baligh Hamdi & Magid Khan - Lahore
8. Sarah Badani - Ima Sheli
9. Ajar - Mi SheSone Otach Yamut
10. Faruk Salame - ?
11. Ron Eliran - Az Hu Haya Hayav Lo

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